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WES has a full-service environmental sampling and analysis organization in Douala Cameroon and intend to open others in other Central Africa countries like Gabon, Congo and RCA.
WES provides the most reliable and highest quality analytical, field, and courier services to meet our customer needs. WES LAB is an Accredited Lab in Cameroon


  • Lead and Copper
  • Lead in Schools and Childcare Facilities
  • Water Quality
  • Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances
  • Harmful Algal Blooms
  • Residential Water Supply

Analytical testing

  • Volatile and semivolatile organic compounds
  • Metals and elemental analysis
  • Minerals and nutrients
  • Microbiology

Sampling and monitoring

  • Certified and experienced sampling staff with sampling training skills
  • Full range of sampling equipment – GPS, watercraft fleet and stormwater auto samplers

Customer and project services

  • Electronic reporting to state per request
  • Electronic data deliverables to client
  • Pre-printed chain-of-custody and sampling container labels
  • Sampling containers
  • Satellite sample drop-off locations
  • Discounted round-trip shipping rates
  • Courier services to include on-site pickup, established courier routes and sample kit drop-off